October 2, 2010

Welcome Infernal Devices series

Cassie Clare returns, and boy does she know how to make an entrance! Her loyal fans will not be disappointed with this prequel to the series that made her famous, The Mortal Instruments.

Magic turns dangerous in this new series, and Tessa Gray seems to be its most intriguing weapon. From the start Clare does not give our new heroine a break. She grapples with her missing brother, the Dark Sisters, the Magister’s want of her, and a boy who will love her unconditionally versus a boy who cannot seem to love. Through it all Tessa is an endearing character that loyal Clare followers will enjoy; she has just as much spunk (if not more) as Clary Fray. Although Clare has already established the Shadowhunter world for readers, this prequel paints a fresh picture, one the reader will not soon forget. Think you know the Downworlders? Think again.

Oh yeah, and there are vampires, warlocks, demons, and…well, you get the picture.

I give this book three loved its—Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!

Three characters to watch and love: There is an echo of fan-favorite Jace with Clare’s new character, Will Herrondale, as well as the introduction of Henry and Charlotte Branwell, a married couple in charge of running the Institute.


  1. I looooved CA! Very intrigued by Will and Jem, but I think Henry and Charlotte may be my favorites so far. Love how they're so mis-matched, and expecting some good backstory there...

  2. Definitely! I heart prequels; have you thought about doing one prequel to Hex Hall?


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