October 29, 2010

Enchanted by Once a Witch

I love witch children and YA novels. I always have. Ever since I was young and watched Bewitched, I wanted to be a part of a magical world. Harry Potter, my favorite childrens series, allows its readers to do just that - one of the reasons it is so popular. Once a Witch accomplish the task of allowing me, as a reader, to be a part of a magical world that MacCullough has created and that is protected by the Greene family.

Tamsin Greene is a stereotypical 17-year-old, except she was expected to be the most talented witch in her family. There is only one problem - Tamsin does not have a Talent. And while she struggles with being 17 (isn't that enough?) she also struggles with being a part of a powerful family and not being able to participate. Her beautiful, Talented, older sister steals all the glory, set to "take over" the family with the grandmother's passing.

And then one day - the opening of a single door - changes everything for our young heroine. While working in her grandmother's bookstore, Tamsin is mistaken for her older sister. Instead of correcting a stranger in need of help, Tamsin agrees to take on the task. The task is simple - find an old family heirloom. How dangerous can the task (and its seeker, a NYU professor) be?

The author spins a tale of mystery wrapped around and rooted deep within the Greene family. You will fall in love with this quirky family, a family that contains secrets Tamsin must uncover. You will be treated to a new take on the witch lifestyle (it's not all broomsticks and potions you know). And you will love Tamsin, a young woman who wants to be accepted, who wants to be loved, and who wants to be Talented.

Through a fast-paced plot, MacCullough conjures up a fantastical creation of self-discovery, teen angst,  family secrets, and all things witchy.

This book receives an enthusiastic two thumbs up. All lovers of YA should add this read to their collection.

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