October 7, 2010

Spotlight on Never Slow Dance with Zombies

In the spirit of Haunted Happenings kicking off today in Salem, MA, I thought a teen zombie novel would be appropriate.

Lowe has delivered a zombie book for girls. The premise is simple: Margot & Sybil return to school one morning to discover the student population has become zombies. Instead of running away screaming, the two girls set out to make themselves the "queen bees" of the school. Margot wants to be the most popular girl while Sybil simply wants everyone to get along. So desperate for a boyfriend, Margot decides the zombied school jock will just have to do, even if he wants to eat her family. With the help of Mr. Taft, the school principal, the girls spend seven weeks with zombie classmates, trying to keep themselves from becoming zombies while trying to discover how their classmates became zombies in the first place.

This was a fun read, and I would recommend saving it for a time when you just want to read a bit of light fluff.

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