About Me

Flamingoed by my students - love them

The short and sweet:

I am a teacher and certified media specialist; a wife to a sci-fi reader and nursing student; a mother to a son who loves books, Star Wars, pirates, Legos, ninjas, and any combination of them; a cat owner to Callie, Phineas, and Bella; and a dog owner to Katniss and Knightley.   

The long haul:

I am a fourteen-year classroom veteran who currently teaches AP Language & Composition and senior English at one of the largest high schools in my state.

I have a Master’s in Library and Informational Sciences from The University of Alabama and am also a certified media specialist.

My students came up with the nickname “The Hodgenator” when I joined Twitter and needed a handle that was not “lame” (their words, not mine). It has become a term of endearment—and I have been tempted to walk in my classroom wearing sunglasses, say “I’ll be back,” and walk out just to see what would happen. I wonder if they would get the reference…

When I'm not challenging students to become stronger readers/writers/thinkers, I'm home snuggled up with a good book.

But I am also an avid exerciser who believes a healthy body is an important element of life. I use my time on the elliptical/bike/treadmill to read, and when outside for a walk/jog/run, I am listening to an audio book instead of music. Best of both worlds.

I prefer reading and exercising to shopping. With exception to book shopping. Okay, and maybe shoes. I can always shop for shoes.

I can turn anything into a Harry Potter reference, and I have been known to refer to the phrase "real or not real" when teaching the difference between spectral evidence and an affidavit in ‘The Crucible.’ I always try to fit a YA reference into what I am teaching to give students relevance...and it's a sneaky way to get them to read. On purpose. For fun. And like it.

I love books. I love everything about books. I love to discuss what I'm reading and share it with my students and fellow teachers. I also love to discuss how I incorporate reading into my classroom.

My ultimate goal is to take over the world, but until then I want to step out of the four walls of my classroom into a school library and bring programming into schools and classrooms, promoting authors and the books they write, promoting research and how to find information properly, promoting reading as a valuable skill, and being an asset to all teachers in the building - and beyond. 

There is not one set genre I enjoy reading, but I lean heavily toward tween and YA. I especially love a good witchy read, especially a mystery, as well as thought-provoking adult novels.

I also enjoy realistic fiction, paranormal romance, dystopia, and Elizabethan-era novels. 

I mostly blog of tween and YA reads, including audio books, but every now and again I will share a book I’ve read and loved that does not fall into the tween/YA category.

I began blogging when my husband pretty much said, “Look, you love books. You love to talk about books. Why not blog about them too?” And thus was born this blog on my way home from meeting Cassandra Clare from the Decatur Book Festival a few years ago.

And so this is me - wife, mother, teacher, reading warrior.

Happy Reading!

-      The Hodgenator

Where else can you find The Hodgenator? Everywhere!