January 11, 2015

My faves!

2014  has already come and gone and I have yet to share with you my favorite reads of the year. For those who don’t follow me on social media, the answer as to why is simple: I was dying of the plague.

Okay, not really. I REALLY had the flu. And not just one. I had TWO different strands. So for my Christmas vacation, I spent 16 days in bed. Sleeping. Barely moving. Barely reading—which is the real tragedy.

But now that we have enjoyed a full two weeks of 2015, let me share with you my favorite reads of 2014.

First, I met my Goodreads goal of 115 books. As a matter of fact, I didn’t meet it—I spanked it. By year’s end I read 144 books (mostly YA and mysteries). I really like rounded up numbers, so I am bummed I didn’t reach 145, but hey, since I spanked my original goal, I will take it.

Of those 144 boys, below I am sharing with you 15 of my favorite tween/YA reads in no particular order.


‘The Impossible Knife of Memory’ – Laurie Halse Anderson
     I did not speak to a single person who read and did not LOVE this book. I am no 

‘The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavendar’ – Leslye Walton
     I have to say that I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this. It was a bit different, but I thought the
     storytelling was beautiful.

‘The Selection Series’ – Kiera Cass
     This series was described to me as The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games. That is a 
     great description. I read all three via audiobook and really loved it.

‘We Were Liars’ – E. Lockhart
     Seriously one of the best YA novels I have ever read. The love I have for this book in 
     my heart is great.

‘Isla and the Happily Ever After’ – Stephanie Perkins
     It is so hard to not love a Perkins novel, and this one is no exception. A solid end to the
     cycle Perkins created with ‘Anna’ and ‘Lola.’ You will feel good about life by novel’s 

‘This Star Won’t Go Out’ – Esther Earl
     I definitely needed tissues with this one. This non-fiction read is not just for lovers of
     TFIOS. It is for all readers. I won’t be surprised if I see this on future school reading

‘Rain Reign’ – Ann M. Martin
     This book. The feels. I loved it. One of my favorite reads ever.

‘Counting by 7s’ – Holly Goldberg Sloan
     See above. This book gave me so many feels. It is fabulous. It is heartbreaking. It 
     needs to be read by you.

‘Love Letters to the Dead’ – Ava Dellaira
     Such an interesting idea for a novel, and the execution was wonderful. I found myself
      deep in the story and could not put this down.

‘Liv, Forever’ – Amy Talkington
     Definitely in my top 100 YA books of all time. I loved the story. And that cover. But 
     really, the story is so interesting and well executed.

‘Cruel Beauty’ – Rosamund Hodge
     I borrowed this book from a student who said I HAD to make it a part of my life. She 
     was right. If you enjoy mythology, you will enjoy this. If you enjoy a love story, you 
     will enjoy this. Such an interesting plot.

‘Belzhar’ – Meg Wolitzer
     I cannot say enough about my love for this book. It is right up there with ‘We Were 
     Liars’ for fave reads of 2014. I have told everyone to read this—and you should too. I 
     read it because of the Plath element, but it was such a small part of such a wonderful 

‘Nest’ – Esther Ehrlich
     This book. Needs to be in your TBR pile. Oh my, I am getting teary eyed thinking 
     about it. Make sure to have tissues too.

‘Rebel Belle’ – Rachel Hawkins
     And once you need a break from all the sadness in the books above, grab this. Hawkins
     does not disappoint in this novel. There is snark. There is action. There is a girl kicking
     butt. No tissues…except to wipe away the tears of laughter at the clever dialogue.

‘Better of Friends’ – Elizabeth Eulberg
     My list would not be completed without a Eulberg book. She is one of my fave YA 
     authors, and this book deserves a spot in your TBR pile as well.

What did you read in 2014 that you loved?

Share below and let’s talk about books.
Happy Reading!

-      The Hodgenator