Favorite Reads

Here you will find a list of some of my favorite reads/authors. I would love to hear what you would add to my list. Don't forget to check out my favorite audiobooks as well.

Happy Reading!
Favorite YA reads 

'Origin' (Khoury) - an interesting concept that throws us into the Amazon
'The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer' series (Hodkin) - OMG. You must read this. Period.
'Awaken' series (Kacvinsky) - such a topical dystopia that is already happening in society
'The Raven Boys' (Stiefvater) - you need this series in your life
'Time Between Us' (Stone) - loved this time-traveling tale
'Eve' trilogy (Carey) - so obsessed with this series
'Divergent' series (Roth) - is there anyone who is not obsessed with this series?
'Between' (Warman) - I enjoyed this more than I thought I would; worth your time
'The Name of the Star' (Johnson) - could not sleep after reading this; so wonderful
'Hex Hall' series (Hawkins) - you need these clever books in your life
'Born Wicked' series (Spotswood) - love a good witchy read; this definitely qualifies
'Partials' series (Wells) - I surprisingly loved, loved this
'The Scorpio Races' (Stiefvater) - just read all of Maggie's books
'Love and Leftovers' (Tregay) - Converse on the cover makes it worth it
'Wither' series (DeStefano) - obsessed with where she is taking me in this series
'Hush, Hush' series (Fitzpatrick) - Patch & Nora forever!
'Shatter Me' series (Mafi) - loved the interesting writing style and storytelling
'Ditched: A Love Story' (Mellom) - John Hughes on paper
'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children' (Riggs) - no words as to its awesomeness
'Matched' series (Condie) - really enjoy this dystopian series; not as hard core as others
'The Hunger Games' series (Collins) - if you haven't read them yet...why?!
'Fallen' series (Kate) - Luce and Daniel, swoon


Favorite YA authors  

Victoria Schwab - I am so obsessed with her gift of storytelling
Lauren Oliver - I have loved all of her books; I've done them all by audio
Elizabeth Eulberg - I love her and her books
Stephanie Perkins - her books will make you feel good about life
Chris Crutcher - always tells a strong story with a societal implication
Libba Bray - you need to make her books a part of your life


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