Review Policy

A word about my reviews: 

All reviews you read on this blog are of my own thoughts, feelings, and recommendations. 

I do not rate books on a scale on my blog, but I do rate them on Goodreads, Shelfari, and Amazon. 

My reviews are shared on Amazon, Facebook, Shelfari, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr.

The majority of books I review are either purchased by me, checked out from the library, or downloaded from Netgalley. Every now and again I will receive an ARC from an author/publisher, and I will always make the distinction on my reviews.

A word to authors and publishers: 

My reading preferences are children, tween, and YA novels. I particularly enjoy witchy reads, dystopia, and realistic fiction. 

I do prefer printed copies because I add them to my classroom library. The library at my school does not think that teenagers read for pleasure, so I am always grateful when you are able to provide a printed copy to add to my classroom library.

I do have a Kindle and will accept eBooks as well.

I am not accepting books for review from self-published authors.

I am willing to host a blog tour, interview, and/or giveaway for children, tween, and YA novels. 

There are times when I have a lot of reading time and others when I have next to none. I teach 154 wonderful teenagers and have a seven-year-old who demands my time. They always come first, which means I may not always get to your book right away. I also prefer to read books I've purposefully sought on my own, so those books will always take top priority.

If the above meets your and my criteria and you are interested in working with me, send me an email at