October 24, 2010

Spotlight on Salem Witch Tryouts

I love reading anything to do with Salem, and I love reading young adult witch books. This book did not disappoint.

Prudence Stewart, the "it" girl of Beverly Hills High School. She has it all, including a family secret that lands her and her family in Salem, Massachusetts. See, Prudence comes from a long line of witches, a secret she was very aware of...but now it is necessary for her to attend a high school designed for her "kind." Enter Agatha's Day School, the one place Prudence cannot seem to grasp. As a "mortal" she was perfectly fine in Beverly Hills, but now that she is allowed to be herself, she cannot seem to come to grips with how to survive - her classes, her classmates, her new

Now that Prudence is allowed to be a full-time witch, she has to trade in her Beverly Hills pom-poms and tryout for Agatha's cheer squad via a broomstick. Easier said than done, especially by this witch, who is currently failing Witchcraft 101.

Will Prudence be able to cast a spell at her new school and be as successful as she was in her old school?

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