June 21, 2011

Godmother - not the one you grew up with...

While browsing the YA section at B&N, I noticed that they've started a YA book club. Since I (1) love reading YA, (2) have started a YA book club for teachers, and (3) love talking with others about YA, I figured I should give this club a shot. This led me to the club's newest selection, Godmother.

This is not a novel I would usually read on my own. As a matter of fact, I have passed it up several times because the cover did not appeal to me. I know, I know, but I'm a cover shopper, what can I say. I am glad that I was "forced" into reading this novel because it was an interesting spin on Cinderella's tale.

Lil spends her days working in a used bookstore. She harbors a very important secret: she is really THE fairy godmother who was responsible for getting Cinderella to the ball; however, something goes terribly wrong, and Lil is punished - banished, thrown to Earth to live among the humans.

Lil spends the novel atoning for her mistake, one she is desperate to fix. Can Lil fix the mistake and get the princess-to-be to the ball before it is too late?

Turgeon takes on a classic tale and gives it a surprising ending. I like the narration style - back and forth between present time and that of when she was a fairy - but was not as pleased with the ending. I felt it needed just one more page to seal the deal for me. While this may seem a bit petty, you have to read the book to truly understand what I mean. I have a few unanswered questions, questions I feel could be answered by providing just one more page of text. 

With that said, I am interested in seeing what Turgeon does with Mermaids. She has a lot of potential as a force within YA fantasy tales.

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