September 19, 2010

Spotlight on The Lonely Hearts Club

Each week I shall "spotlight" a YA book I've read in the past. While these books are not new to YA, I hope to continue an interest in reading them because they are worth it! My first selection: The Lonely Hearts Club.

Penny Lane is an adorable heroine, and I wish I knew her when I was in high school. The plot itself is very clever, and Eulberg even weaves The Beatles (as well as their music) into side characters in this novel of teen angst.

After having her heart-broken one too many times, Penny Lane decides to begin a club for herself (and others like her), swearing off boys until after high school. As word gets out, other girls begin to share their stories of love-woes, and membership grows. The boys are left scratching their heads as the girls decide to no longer lose themselves in relationships. The only it truly plausible to swear off guys until after high school, especially when some are nice guys?

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