September 19, 2010

A Lovely Surprise

Bray's sequel to A Great and Terrible Beauty has it all - drama, suspense, romance, friendship, fear, coming-of-age - and ties it into this fast-moving plot. Gemma Doyle is the one - she is the only one who can stop Circe and restore order in the realms. With the help of her two friends, the three set off to discover the location of the Temple within the realms, an absolute must-find before it is too late. Torn between her life and her destiny, Gemma embarks on a quest that could cost her both.

As a YA lover, I am always looking for something interesting to read; I love finding books that my students have not read - or even know exist - and hold book talks. Every now and again the opposite will happen, my students will surprise me with a book I did not know existed...and thus Rebel Angels stepped into my life. I absolutely loved this book! Due to my current grueling schedule, I have not had a chance to read for pleasure in the way I am accustomed, and it is killing me. This is where audio books help me with my "fix". I found this at the library in audio, popped it in, and was hooked from the moment the reader began reading until the novel's conclusion.

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