September 10, 2010

The know you have one (we all do)

I have a mound...a mound of books. And I do mean mound. See, my hubby works for B&N, which means I get to enjoy his employee discount. Come payday (mine and his) I make a visit. This visit results in purchases of books for myself as well as for my classroom. I cannot help it...I LOVE books!

The only problem is...I teach 173 teenagers, have a 5-year-old, am interning, and am taking my final two classes in Graduate school. This leaves me thirsty for books I just don't have time to read. So, when I visit B&N, I shop for books I know I will read as time allows; but the mound continues to grow. I'll make an impressive dent, and then payday rolls around. Currently, my mound looks like this,

which isn't too it? Nah, I mean, is there a such thing as too many books? NEVER! Although, every now and again my hubby will say it is necessary to place me on a book diet until I make another noticeable dent. But then I use my "go to" excuse to buy books: "These aren't for me. These are for my students." See, I really can quit any time I want - I just choose not to quit. And at this point, my mound is full of such a variety of books, from old Hollywood bios to supernatural mysteries to YA yumminess, I feel over-whelmed at selecting my next read.

You know, the more I look at my mound, the more I realize it isn't really a mound. It is a stack of possibilities; a stack of escapism; a stack of dreams waiting to come true; a stack of laughter and of tears; a stack of hard-work and dedication. After all, "A good book on your shelf is a friend that turns its back on you and remains a friend." - Anonymous

So, I want to know...what's in your mound?


  1. We both have a mound on the respective sides of the bed. His tends to have Daniel Silva, Ken Follett, James Rollins, etc. Lots of spy stuff. He's in a doctoral program and working full time, so his mound is a little stagnant. Lately, I see him reading lots of leadership books for school. My mound has Red Queen, When You Reach Me, Vainglory, Wicked, For the King, On Agate Hill, Craig Claiborne cookbook...random!

  2. Yes! Random books are the best; I always say it depends on my mood. Sometimes I need a silly book to read, and sometimes I prefer something dark, deep, serious. How is the PhD program going? What is his area of focus?

  3. Ted Dekker's Thr3e, Skin, and Sinner; Morganville Vampire Series 1&2; Paper Towns; the 10 Candy Apple Books I borrowed from you; the other books I borrowed from you; Brisingr; The Vampire Lestat; Queen of the Damned; The Wedding; A Walk to Remember; Kisses from Hell; and Living Dead in Dallas.

    My mound is never ending bc I get other books I wanna read more (ie: Clockwork Angel)......

  4. That's a nice mound; I feel like a part of me is missing if I do not have a nice mound continuously building.

  5. Doctorate of Educational, Leadership, Policy, and Law. He seems to like it so far. It's just with my 40 minute drive to Enterprise, and his drive to Montgomery for the doc, we are super busy. Such is life!


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