November 13, 2012

Review: Moonlight Mayhem

Title and author: Moonlight Mayhem by Sherry Soule
Date: July 2, 2012
ISBN: 9780615665658
Source: from the Author

Summary (from Goodreads):

Otherworldly Creatures. Dazzling Magic. Fiery Romance.

Shiloh Ravenwolf thought she was getting used to the strange events in Whispering Pines, until the full moon brings another surge of supernatural threats to her coastal town. Ferocious wolves, deadly necromancers, and shambling zombies have descended upon the neighborhood, so Shiloh needs to gain control of her magical abilities—fast!

It sucks that she has a crippling fear of the dark, which for a demon hunter can be an epic problem. But she spends so much time wallowing in the darkness, how can she not become a part of it?

When her classmates are attacked by a mysterious creature and her father is murdered, Shiloh vows vengeance. Forcing her phobias aside, she forms an unlikely coven of supernaturally gifted teens to help her eradicate this menace. Except that’s not all Shiloh has to worry about. She’s battling a different monster within herself and struggling not to become the very thing she fights: evil.

But with demon blood inside her—anything can happen…

My Thoughts:

Werewolves. Zombies. Witches. Oh my!

This sequel packs a punch, that’s for sure! Soule holds nothing back as she thrusts readers back into Shiloh’s world, one full of even more mysteries than the first.

The title is quite revealing in the basic premise, werewolves. Except they aren’t.

Shiloh is trying to rebuild her life in Whispering Pines, but she soon finds herself in deep. She finds herself constantly holding “down” the evil inside her, screaming to get out. And while she is learning to control this element of her power, mysterious attacks keep occurring, specifically to the local high school football players.While the football players are being attacked, other locals are finding themselves mortal victims.

As the protector of the town, Shiloh must seek the truth. But could the truth lead to her own demise, or the demise of those she loves?

Like its predecessor, the setting is what sells this novel’s plot. Whispering Pines is a character unto itself. While Ravenhurst in the first novel was one of the creepiest settings I’ve read in YA, Whispering Pines is quickly giving it a run for its money. The entire time I was reading, all I could think was, “I would move. There is no way anyone could pay me to live here.” 

And the entire novel reminds us all of a very important fact: the woods are not safe. Ever!

As a whole, I enjoyed the novel. It was a fun, easy read full of action. And romance. But mostly action. The zombie element I found comical, which was a nice way to break the tension. I would have liked to have seen more witchery, but that’s because I love all things witchy.

I do have one critique: the dialogue. As someone who has taught juniors and seniors for thirteen years, I always pay close attention to text in YA novels. If I don’t buy it, the kids won’t either. I really suggest eavesdropping on teen conversations while in public. At times the dialogue hindered the storytelling for me.

I recommend this series to fans of the Twilight series looking for something to help fill in the gaps of their lives, especially with the final movie coming out this week.

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