October 4, 2012

Bewitched October

For those who know me, you know there is nothing I love more than a good, witchy read. 

With it now being October, I think it's time I set aside my other reads and dedicate my time to my first love. 

My "Bewitched October" will be rife with great witchy mysteries, tween, and YA novels...as many as I can fit in. And I have two mascots to represent Team Witchy Read: witchy Hello Kitty and witchy Hello Kitty coffee mug. Because clearly I cannot have one without the other.  What are books without a steaming hot cup of coffee - or tea.

Watch for them to pop in here and there with the novels I am reading.

And do not be surprised if you see one of them make a guest appearance with giveaway novels. That's right - I am going to host a few giveaways of witchy reads this month, so stay tuned.

Happy Reading!

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