September 25, 2011

Two great audios...

At 4:33 AM, London Lane's mind forgets the day. She must write everything from the day down; otherwise, those moments will be lost to her forever. She survives by waking each day and reading previously written notes. But can she trust herself to always be truthful in those notes?

While London may not be able to remember the past, she is able to see the future. This acts as a "safety blanket" for her. She knows that no matter what is currently happening, it will work out in the future, and this gives her comfort. At least until the disturbing dream starts.

The question is WHY? What happened to London to cause such a fate? Can she figure it out before she loses all that she finds dear to her - her best friend, her new love, herself?

With characters such as Jamie (her best friend) and Luke (her love), London is able to grow and come full circle by the novel's surprising end.

An intriguing idea, this novel is a must for those who love YA novels.

I did this novel as an audio, and I really enjoyed the reader. Some audiobooks fall short as a result of the reader, but I felt that this reader helped make the book. She did a great job interpreting the characters, thus enhancing my experience with the novel.

Imagine being the most popular boy in school. The one everyone wants to be. The one everyone loves. But not because of who you are on the inside but because you are rich and beautiful. This is life the life of Kyle Kingsbury. That is, that was his life. Kyle is placed under a curse by Kindra, a good witch with a good heart. Her goal - to teach Kyle that there is more to life and to love than outside appearance. 

While Kyle is perfect on the outside, inside he is a hideous beast. So, Kindra gives him a taste of the other side; however, because he does one act of kindness, he is given a chance to redeem himself. He has two years to do it - two years to find true love and to receive a kiss.

This is the old tale of Beauty and the Beast, just told from the Beast's point-of-view.

As a whole, I enjoyed this novel. There were elements that were a bit too hokey, but then again it is a fractured tale told from a unique view point. For this reason, I recommend this novel to all readers of YA, to all lovers of fractured fairy tales, and to teen boys. I believe with the tale from Beast's view, it helps make this a unisex novel.

As for the reader, I did enjoy his interpretation. I thought he did a great job presenting these characters in an honest way, which helped me enjoy the novel even more. I feel that if I read this novel instead of doing it as an audio, I would not have enjoyed the novel.

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