July 17, 2011

Spotlight on: No Cream Puffs

While at the Harry Potter movie release party, a friend and I were discussing shopping for books based on covers. Then we started talking about covers that do not do the books justice, and I brought up No Cream Puffs, and so I thought I would "spotlight" the tween read this week.

Do NOT let the cover nor the title fool you!

It is 1980, and Madison simply wants to play baseball with a local team. The problem? She's a girl...and the team is all male. With just wanting to play because she is the strongest player in the area, Madison opens the door for other girls to play as well...a responsibility Madison does not want. 

On top of wanting to simply just play, Madison is also dealing with being 12...and all that comes with it.

It was an absolute wonderful story, and I couldn't put it down! For those of us who grew up in the 1980's, and for those who love tween reads, this book is worthy of your reading time. 

If you can clearly remember either of the above from your childhood, you have to read this book!

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