May 4, 2014

Happenings in Hodgensville - May's Stitch Fix

Happenings in Hodgensville is me sharing a small piece of myself with you—sometimes it will be classroom related and sometimes just a, “Hey! Here is what is happening in my life right now” post.

Last month I shared that I have started using Stitch Fix, and today I want to share my latest fix with you.

What IS Stitch Fix?

<div align="center"><a href="" title="Stitch Fix" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Stitch Fix" style="border:none;" /></a></div>Stitch Fix is an personal styling service that charges you a $20 styling fee—a fee that is immediately put toward any purchase you make. You fill out an exhaustive survey on your body type, what you like to wear, what type of pieces you would like to receive, your favorite styles to wear, how much you’re willing to spend, etc.  I did say the survey was exhaustive, right?

They “schedule” your box, and you wait. Upon arrival, you will find five pieces—one is usually an accessory—that you can try on at home and decide what you want to keep.

There is a pre-paid envelope in your box, so anything you do not want to keep can easily be placed in and dropped at your local post office.

It really is that simple. And, if you love all five pieces, you not only have the $20 styling fee toward your purchase but also receive a 25% discount on every piece. BUT, only IF you purchase all five items.

They also have an amazing referral program. You can share your referral link to Facebook and Twitter and on your blog and receive $25 credit when your friends/family/referrals receive their first Fix. (Mine is located at the bottom of this post.)

What I love about it is this—as your check out on their website, you tell them if you’re keeping the piece or returning. Then, they ask you specific questions on the style of the piece, the price, the fit, and any additional comments you wish to make. About every single piece.

Here is why I really love Stitch Fix:

1.    I love to shop but am sometimes too busy.
2.    I love clothes and always want to add pieces.
3.    I am completely intimidated by trends and how to dress my body.
4.    I love not having the pressure of shopping in a store. Sometimes those reps are like sharks, circling and waiting. I don’t like that feeling.
5.    I love having the opportunity to try on at home, take pics of the outfits on my body, and have three days to decide what to keep and what to send back.
6.    I enjoy having pieces chosen for me from CA, giving me something fresh and new I might not find locally.

Here is why my husband loves Stitch Fix:

1.    He doesn’t have to go shopping with me as often.
2.    He doesn’t feel the pressure of helping me pick out pieces.
3.    He loves to see how excited I get when I see my box on my front porch.
4.    He enjoys seeing what is waiting for me in my box too—because he knows my love for clothes.

Here is what was in my MAY box—spoiler: I kept ALL items

Adorable packaging. I LOVE opening my box and seeing my envelope that contains my style cards, a personalized note, and the invoice.

After I open the box and look over my style cards, I always lay the outfits out on my bed. This gives me a chance to really look at the pieces and to see if I can pair any of them together. This also gives me a chance to see if I already  have pieces I can pair.

Here is what my Stitch Fix items look like on:

Malcolm Heathered Dolman Sleeve Knit Shirt by Renee C ($48.00)

This is the FIRST thing I tried on. I paired it with my jeans from last fix, and voila. I have an adorable outfit. I LOVE this shirt. It is so soft, the cut is perfect for me, and I love the color. It is versatile and I can pair this shirt with a variety of bottoms.

Addison Striped Knit Cardigan by 41Hawthorn ($48.00)
Madeleina Embroidery Detailed Tank by Renee C ($48.00)

I paired these two together—and look how adorable. I am still wearing the jeans from last fix, and I love the softness of this look. I do not usually buy blue, and every box has given me blue. I have to say I love this color on me. Part of it is because I recently darkened my hair, so the blue helps with the contrast.

Tammi Sailboat Print Fit & Flare Dress by 41Hawthorn ($68.00)  

I am IN LOVE with this dress. I feel like a hot mama with this dress on. This is not something I would pick out for myself, but the cut is flattering to my body (there is a belt on the side the cinches the waist).

Remmie Multi-Color Chevron Print Skirt by Papermoon ($58.00)

The final item I tried on. The style card recommended that I pair this skirt with a jean shirt. I really liked that idea. It softened the look for me. This was my least favorite item in the box, but I kept it because it was worth keeping financially. With the 25% discount, I would have had to pay an additional $4.50 for four items or keep all five and save the $4.50. So, I kept it.

(Sorry my pics are not that awesome. I had my husband take the pictures, and he is NOT a master photographer. Actually, I try to avoid having him take pictures as much as possible. Plus, he used my phone. So...)

As a whole, I am in love with Stitch Fix. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my next box scheduled for May. If any of you are interested giving it a shot, visit their website. If you click on this link, I will receive $25.00 credit when you receive your first fix, and I know my husband will be ever so grateful to you.

Happy Shopping!

-      The Hodgenator

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