January 26, 2014

Review: Lives of Magic

Title: ‘Lives of Magic’
Author: Lucy Leiderman
Pages: 384
Publisher: Dundurn
Available: January 28, 2014
Source: requested from Netgalley

Summary (from Goodreads):

Seventeen-year-old Gwen is settling into her new home in Oregon and looking forward to senior year when she is kidnapped by Kian, who warns her that she is in terrible danger. An ancient war was fought between magical Celtic warriors and three evil magicians. Those magicians are alive and well and need Gwen's magic to regain their power. If they succeed, they'll be unstoppable. To save the world, Gwen must unlock the magic trapped in her memories of a past life in Britannia.

As Gwen starts to recover her lost memories and awakens to her power, she suffers the consequences of a divided soul. Gwen and Kian travel to New York and then to England to find others of her kind. Gwen, Garrison, Seth, and Moira need each other to solve the puzzle of their last days in ancient Britannia. They are only as strong as what they remember, but a troublesome history threatens to doom the world. One way or another, a deadly showdown is inevitable, ready or not …

My Thoughts:

I love a good mystery story, one wrapped in jogging a memory of a long past full of magical wonder. That’s the reason I requested to read this novel—I felt it would speak to me.

The title and cover of this book is what grabbed me first—the idea that past lives wrapped into magic meets modern day times.

Gwen is a typical high schooler, with a new life in Oregon. All of that changes in an instant when Kian steps on the page. Soon, Gwen is swept up into a world she is unaware she was a part of, one with a connection to magic, and it is up to Kian to help her (1) remember that past and (2) stop the ones who do not want her—or anyone like her—to have a future.

But Gwen is not alone. There are others that are like her. She and Kian are on a quest. They must find those “others” if there is any chance at defeating the three evil magicians.

If only they could remember their past.

This novel was action packed. From natural disasters to love, Leiderman chose for her leading lady to juggle a lot. But if any character can handle it, it is Gwen. I enjoyed the idea that the magical powers grew within each character as he/she remembered their past.

What a clever way to have the magic grow as the character grows. This is a nice change from the “hey, you’re magical and need to figure out how to control your magic” story. It allowed each character to truly tap into his/her magical awareness. And it gave them an incentive to really dig deep into those memories.

It was fun to experience Gwen’s flashbacks with her. We learned of her past life as she did, and it helped bring the story full circle. What was even more fun was trying to see Gwen juggle a love life too. Not only does she need to save the world, but she must also save her heart (and possibly the heart of another).

In this part of the storytelling, the author will keep readers engaged.

I enjoyed the book as a whole, but I do not know if I will continue with the series. It just did not grab my attention in the way I was hoping—and expecting.

While I enjoyed the storytelling and getting to know Gwen as a character, I just did not connect to it. I have read several reviews that feel this was an awesome book. For me, it was okay.

For readers looking for a mixture of magical fantasy meets it’s time to save the modern world, this book will speak to you.

It hits shelves this week.

What’s the most interesting magical tale you’ve read lately?

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  1. This was a wonderful review for a wonderful book. I just love this book, It's so exquisitely written and just a beautiful book. Thanks so much for sharing Underrated Books


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