September 17, 2013

Review: The Dream Thieves

Guys, this book. Oh my. And that cover?! Love it.

Title: ‘The Dream Thieves’
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Pages: 448 pages
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Available: NOW at your local bookstore or library
Source: requested from Netgalley

Summary (from Goodreads):

Now that the ley lines around Cabeswater have been woken, nothing for Ronan, Gansey, Blue, and Adam will be the same. Ronan, for one, is falling more and more deeply into his dreams, and his dreams are intruding more and more into waking life. Meanwhile, some very sinister people are looking for some of the same pieces of the Cabeswater puzzle that Gansey is after...

My Thoughts:

First, let me go ahead and SQUEE about this novel.

Okay, now that that’s out of my system, let me just SQUEE about Stiefvater’s writing. I don’t know what it is about her, but she really knows how to tell a story wrapped in mystery, wonderment, and awesomesauce.

For fans of ‘The Raven Boys,’ they will find themselves caught up in a world full of thievery. I mean, look at that title. But it’s not the typical level of thievery. This is something new. Something that happens in dreams. Something that can be controlled.

Or can it?

From the start readers are off and running. And we do not stop until the final word on the final page. When I finished this novel, I felt like I had run a marathon. My heart was pumping that much.

I found myself lost in this world where dreams are real—or kinda sorta—and friendships are tested, and loyalty comes into question.

Do not expect a lot of the story to focus on Blue—the focus is not on her but on those who are looking for Cabeswater. Some of these characters are dangerous, some are hysterically hilarious, some just need friendship. They all have the same goal.

And would this be a story without a man of mystery?

Like all good storytelling, this novel has a solid plot and character development.

The plot itself is nicely paced, balanced with heart-pumping moments and moments of pure awe. That’s about all I can write without spoiling anything. Notice even in the Goodreads description, it’s skimpy. It’s like any little detail can be a spoiler.

The characters are well developed. Stiefvater gives us information on a need-to-know basis. When we need to know it, she reveals it. It’s a slow build in that way for character development—and I mean that in a good way. It adds to the element of suspense.

Of all the characters, I have to say that I didn’t have a favorite. Usually I do, but this novel is a team effort. There is no one star, no one standout, no one page-stealer. At least for me. They all worked together, building on one another, adding to each other’s purpose on the page, and I really enjoyed that. Because it is rare for me to feel that way about characters. It’s like the cast of ‘Friends’—they are a necessary ensemble.

I like this tactic in this novel because it helped create the air of mystery and suspense that mirrors all that Cabeswater seems to be.

As a whole work I loved every page of this work. It kept me engaged, wanting more, but it also piqued my curiosity because I found myself trying to solve several mysteries throughout. I love when a novel engages me in that way. It helps keep my brain young.

If you are a fan of Stiefvater’s writing, if you read and enjoyed ‘The Raven Boys,’ then be sure to include this in your TBR pile.

This is such a great unisex series for teens. I do recommend for teachers to make sure they have Stiefvater’s ‘Raven Boys’ as well as ‘Scorpio Races’ on hand in the classroom library. And make sure your school librarian orders it as well.

Happy Book Birthday Maggie Stiefvater! 'The Dream Thieves' is available as of today. 

What’s your favorite Stiefvater novel?

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Happy Reading!

-      The Hodgenator

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