April 2, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters I Would Crush on if I Were Also a Fictional Character

This is my second time participating—I am on a role.

If I could choose my fictional boyfriend, I would go with any of these 8. That’s right, after going overboard last week, I’ve stopped at 8.

Introducing The Hodgenator’s Top Eight Characters I Would Crush on if I Were Also a Fictional Character. I am unoriginal—three of them are Jane Austen creations. But hey, she really knew how to build romance in a novel…and write swoon-worthy men.


1.    Mr. Knightley from ‘Emma’

Sorry, but he is my all time favorite. Many swoon over Darcy, and he is swoon-worthy, but Knightley gets me every single time. I think it’s the way Austen structures his relationship with Emma.

2.    Colonel Brandon from ‘Sense and Sensibility’

I blame Alan Rickman for this one. I watched the movie before reading the book, and while reading, all I could picture was Rickman. Swoon. Swoon. Swoon.

3.    Patrick from the ‘Alice’ series

If I were a tween, I would crush hard on Patrick. He is the perfect boyfriend for a tween girl. He’s kind, patient, and really likes Alice for who she is—at all times. That’s rare at that age. Rare.

4.    Michael Moscovitz from ‘Princess Diaries’ series

If you’ve read the entire series, you know why Michael is on my list. If you haven’t, read the series. Mia and Michael just make sense, and Cabot does a great job properly developing a relationship with these two. If I were Mia’s BFF, Michael would be my crush.

5.    Fitzwilliam Darcy from ‘Pride and Prejudice’

Darcy is probably on a lot of lists today, for obvious reasons. What is not to love about his character? He and Elizabeth are a perfect fit—and I would find his awkwardness adorable, and crush-worthy. If nothing else, Colin Firth made this possible for me. Like Rickman, Firth is all I picture when I read this novel. And regardless of Darcy’s failings, I would secretly pine for him, and that is all. He is made for Elizabeth.

6.    Patch from ‘Hush, Hush’ series

Okay, seriously H-O-T. Patch is one of my favorite paranormal male characters. Something about him heats up my page, and while he is not really my type, I would crush on him hard. It’s probably his protective nature of Nora, but it’s not in a creepy Edward Cullen kind of way.

7.    Matthew Clairmont from ‘A Discovery of Witches’ series

A vampire with a heart, not unlike Edward Cullen; however, I picked Matthew over Edward because of his likability. While I find Edward appealing on the screen, I do not on the page. Matthew, on the other hand, is definitely my vampire crush. I would not try to take him from Diana. I would just sit back and moon over him instead.

8.    Sean Griswold from ‘Sean Griswold’s Head’

Seriously love this character—and I crushed on him while reading the book. This made me feel feelings because I teach high schoolers, but I could not help it. Sean is almost too good to be true, but do you know who he is? Jake Ryan. That’s right. He has that level of likability where I know I would totally crush on him, hope he showed up at my door on my sixteenth birthday that everyone else forgot and take me out on a date to his house with a birthday cake waiting. Yep, I have it all planned out for Sean…

So, that’s it. My crushes. Who’s on your list this week? Did any of you struggle a little with this one?

-      The Hodgenator


  1. Adore Jane Austen heros - I'm adding an adult books post later in the week. Darcy is for sure on that one :)

  2. I really need to read Discovery of Witches! I got sucked onto Hush, Hush because of Patch. Mmmmm....Here are my picks http://wp.me/pzUn5-1sp

  3. I completely agree with Colonel Brandon and Patch! I should have included Patch on my list.


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