May 18, 2011

Lessons learned

Here is what I learned during what I have termed “the blackout” – 
1.   If you tell people there may be no power for up to ten days, the first thing they get in line to buy is GAS.
2.   Don’t buy anything that requires C or D batteries; you won’t be able to find any.
3.   For the people who rush to the store to buy milk, it is a waste. It will spoil.
4.   As long as you have water and non-perishable food, you will be okay.
5.   Having power is over-rated…but only until you want a HOT shower.
6.   I can go a couple of days without a shower; it’s okay.
7.   The breakdown of communication happens fast.
8.   Having a mound of unread books is okay.
9.   Technology is killing the family unit.
10.  I rely on my cell phone too much.


  1. I agree with all of these (especially with the way that modernity wins...the day after we got power back, all the families hanging out, playing games, reading...back inside and glued to a TV) though I'd like to alter #2 and say "If you buy something that needs batteries: buy those batteries. Ahead of time. And at least 2-3 sets of them. You'll be in the dark, otherwise."

  2. Agreed Doug - agreed! And why do people buy milk during this time??? It spoils, period. And why gas? Lines were 3-hours long...and no one was working because everything was closed.

    I kind of enjoyed not having power - except the hot shower part


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