March 6, 2011

What if Jane Eyre fell in love with a rock star?

A very worthy question for a very worthy book. Jane by April Lindner brings this classic into contemporary times, staying true to the original plot while being clever in its face lift for a contemporary audience. Readers who are Jane Eyre fans will not be disappointed with this novel.

Brief Synopsis
Jane Moore is forced to drop out of Sarah Lawrence following the death of her parents. The stocks they left her turn out to be virtually worthless, and with money dwindling fast she must find a job. So, she decides she will be a nanny. After all, Jane is practical and stern, just what children need. She lands a position at Thornfield Park caring for Maddy, the daughter of a famous rock star. But, Jane is not impressed by the glitz and glamor of the rock star lifestyle, and this attitude is what makes Nico Rathburn fall for her. But Nico has a secret, one that could ruin his reputation as a rock star seeking a comeback; more importantly, that secret could cost him Jane.

Lindner stays true to the original plot throughout, providing us the answer to "What if Jane Eyre lived in contemporary times?" This novel will appeal to a plethora of readers and may even introduce the classic into their lives, a book they thought they would never read. While Lindner's inspiration for writing this book was a result of reading retellings of Pride and Prejudice, I feel that this novel is far superior.

If you enjoy a good love story; if you enjoy a good mystery; if you enjoy reading period, you must add Jane to your mound. I could not put this book down; I gave up grading to finish this book. I absolutely had to see how Lindner would tie up loose ends...and she did so amazingly and in a way that fits with the times. 

I loved this book, and I think many of you will too - Jane, read it today!

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