January 7, 2011

Yowza - Crescendo is a sequel and a half!

I love a good, strong YA series. I love even more when that series causes my heart to pump non-stop, much like the elliptical. When I chose Hush, Hush as the first SHS YA Teacher Reader pick, little did I know just how much I would fall in love with Nora and Patch. Sure their relationship has its problems, what relationship doesn't? She's in love with him, he wants to kill her...the story's always the same. Then Fitzpatrick delivered Crescendo, the sequel. It's been sitting on my shelf whispering my name for quite a bit of time, but now that I am able to recapture some of my reading time again, it was high on my list of reads. And boy did it NOT disappoint. I am a busy lady - I teach 171 teenagers and have a five-year-old, but once I started, I HAD to finish this book.

Fitzpatrick truly, truly delivers solid storytelling. I am glad she decided not to pursue a health profession and became a storyteller instead; it is clear that this is her true calling. 

This sequel explores the complications of first love, pride, and all that that the two things entail. But, the real heart of the story is insecurity and how that insecurity can eat one alive; in this case, Nora. Instead of holding true to love, she allows her imagination get the better of her, making her "see" things that are not really there, such as Patch and Marcie as a couple (ummm, yuck!). This self-doubt puts Nora in countless reckless situations, situations that could cost her her life. After all, there is still someone out there that would love to use her as a sacrifice as a trade for a human body.

As the heroine of the story, Nora must find her way herself; as the hero of the story, Patch must find a way to save Nora from herself before it is too late.

This story will have your heart pounding and pages turning, leaving the reader wanting more. With the clever cliff hanger, I am excited to see where Fitzpatrick chooses to take the story next...Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

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