December 27, 2010

A Yummy Read!

I am a browsing shopper. While I appreciate suggestions from others, ultimately I enjoy visiting the book store/library and browsing for myself. The covers attract me as do the titles. And sometimes I pick up a book and it just feels right. (After all, sometimes covers are deceiving.) It is as if the book whispers to me, "Buy me Crys. You will enjoy me!" Eggs over Evie is one of my "whisper" finds.

This book has it all: a thirteen-year-old heroine, divorced parents, a cat, a dog, and a cooking class. I was unsure how the author would intertwine to make these work, but she does.

The characters are fun, dealing with everyday struggles in a lighthearted way. Evie in particular is struggling with the fact that her dad will now be dad to twins, twins that will be born to another woman (AKA stepmother; it does have to be G-rated here). While in many novels this type of plot consumes the life of the character and eats at him/her, Evie keeps the part of her dad she loves the most, cooking. Her dad is a famous television chef, and she has a knack for it as well. So much so, she decides to take a cooking class one evening a week during her summer break so she can learn the ropes of it all. 

Evie is able to keep that part of herself and of her dad and make it into a positive. Many of us could take a page from Evie's book - she is a delightful, vulnerable character who really just wants her family back, but she accepts that life is continually changing, and she moves forward. This is refreshing to read...and it makes the book one I would recommend to anyone ages 10-13 who is dealing with divorce.

Another clever element to the book: Evie leaves you the recipe of what she is cooking within that chapter at its end, offering a nice cooking tip as well. 

If you love childrens literature, if you love food, and if you love a happy ending, Eggs over Evie is a definite read for you!


  1. My neice is named Evie...I'll have to recommend this one to her.

    New follower...

  2. It really is a delightful book. And depending on how fast she reads, it is a pretty quick read.

    The recipes are a really nice touch as well. It just brings the plot full circle.



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